Our goal is to empower women and promote cultural diversity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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Mercy & Letisia

Letisia and Mercy are the co-founders of HRU Global (HerRiseUp).
Originally from Uganda and Kenya the unlikely duo met as part of their MBA program and quickly established themselves as frenemies due to ties to their respective home countries.

However this all changed when they soon discovered that they had a common interest; in education, technology, women-led businesses and women empowerment particularly those from financially underserved communities.


This common passion led to the birth of HRU Global.
Differences were soon settled by the pair, and eventually they agreed to disagree about which nation is better at sports, cultural dresses and food.

Their Mission is to promote and scale women-led businesses to new markets, allowing them to rise to their full potential.


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“The Women in Business Workshop was insightful and offered an opportunity to connect with some remarkable women. I look forward to seeing this platform grow and attending more sessions.”


“Working with Mercy & Letisia, has allowed me to see the passion they have for empowering women entrepreneurs.”


“Attended a workshop with HRU Global and it was absolutely incredible. Met amazing women entreprenuers.”


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